Lucy Page

Lucy Page

BIO reflects time of employment at JUICE. 

Lucy Page is a Research Assistant in the Youth Mental Health Research Unit and Mental Health Nursing Research Unit. Lucy is currently working on two research projects. The first is looking at broadening access to CAMHS in Greater Manchester, and the second is the SPARCS study which is looking at alternatives to restrictive practices for children and young people who self-harm.


Prior to her current role, Lucy worked in various roles in the field of psychology and mental health. Lucy graduated from The University of Manchester with a BSc Honours degree in Psychology in 2016. After graduating, Lucy volunteered at Citizens Advice at Manchester Crown Court, where she supported witness and victims of crime when they came into court to give evidence. Lucy found this role extremely rewarding and gained valuable skills and experience supporting people through immensely difficult periods in their lives.


Lucy then went on to complete her master’s degree in Forensic Psychology and Mental Health, also at The University of Manchester. Lucy’s dissertation focussed on successful desistance from crime in ex-offenders and was presented at the Division of Forensic Psychology conference.


Following her master’s, Lucy gained experience as a Therapy Care Assistant on inpatient mental health wards, working on both a Psychiatric Inpatient Care Unit and a specialist unit for females with a diagnosis of Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder. Lucy enjoyed supporting people to make positive steps towards improving their mental health, and this role solidified her passion for working in this area.


Lucy has also gained experience working as an Assistant Psychologist, working with adolescent females with experience of child sexual exploitation. Here, Lucy gained experience of working therapeutically on a 1:1 basis with young people and enjoyed working in this way supporting individuals on their pathway to recovery and dealing with the traumatic experiences they had faced as children.


Aside from work, Lucy enjoys eating out, baking and focussing on her physical fitness; she loves getting out for long walks and attending the gym for spinning classes with her friend.

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