Motiv8: A randomized feasibility trial of a weight management intervention for adults on secure forensic mental health inpatient units

Led by: Rebekah Carney

What is Motiv8?

  • Motiv8 is a randomised controlled trial of a weight management intervention for forensic inpatient services at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Motiv8 was created by patients and staff to improve physical health. It is a 9-week programme including group exercise sessions, cooking classes and physical health education, supported by service users.

Why is Motiv8 important?

  • People who use inpatient mental health services are more likely to have physical health problems for many reasons:
      • Unhealthy lifestyles
      • More barriers to living healthily e.g.
      • Low motivation
      • Long hospital stays
      • Medications causing weight gain
      • Less freedom to exercise
      • Restrictions on movement.
  • Many people develop preventable physical health problems including diabetes, obesity, heart disease and stroke.
  • We have tested out Motiv8 and found people lost weight, got fitter, felt more confident and improved their mood.

What are the aims of Motiv8?

  • We want to see if Motiv8 is feasible, effective and beneficial in the NHS.
  • We aim to see if Motiv8 can improve physical health of people in forensic inpatient services.

What is involved?

  •  Participants will complete physical health assessments (e.g., BMI, fitness, body measurements), mental health and behavioural questionnaires (e.g. mood, exercise, diet).
    Participants will be put in one of two groups:
    • Group 1: Motiv8 for 9-weeks as well as treatment as usual (TAU)
    • Group 2: TAU for 9-weeks, followed by Motiv8.

  • Everyone will get access to Motiv8!
  • Assessments will be completed at baseline, after 9-weeks, and after 12 weeks, regardless of what group they are in. This is so we can compare people who are not getting Motiv8 to those who are and see if it is helpful.
  • We will also interview a small group of people to get their experiences of taking part.

When is Motiv8 taking place?

  • We are due to start October 2021 and run for 12 months.

More information:

If you are interested in finding out more get in touch with the research team…

Lizzie Kimber – Research Assistant

Dr Rebekah Carney –
Chief Investigator
0161 358 6595

Lucy Page – Research Assistant

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